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Spyderco knives are terrible slicers!
OK, get ready for the firestorm! Spyderco knives are known for being AMAZING slicers because of solid heat treat and that thin grind. But they actually uhh aren’t... Why is this? And how is this? Well it’s simple They have this really cool, amazing, and pretty fun, not to mention highly reliable opening mechanism. Not to re-invent the wheel, but Spyderco used a HOLE, and patented it (The cheeky rascals!). Holy shizmoly! What an idea. It’s great. It really is! But it has one problem. Cardboard, the most popular medium to slice with a pocket knife…

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A touch of minimalism feels good to me.

In fact, it feels great! What led me to feeling minimalist? It started a long time ago, when I was cleaning out the family barn to do something with. Mom and dad had over a decade of junk stored away, and I wasn’t allowed to trash it. I tried cleaning it up, but I ended up giving up. The volume of junk was just too great! It was entirely too much stuff. The kind of stuff that just rots for the next 30 or so years.

Looking inside the barn that day…

The Author’s Mora Eldris in Autumn Red

Neck Knives are under-served, because they are under appreciated.

Why even pick a neck a knife? Simple, you can skip all the BS of folding knife problems.
What kind of folding knife problems?
Stripped out screws — -Not having the right bit to adjust screws — -Blade centering off — -Lock failure risk during hard use — -Folding blade detent issues (blade falls open) — -Blade wobble, including horizontal and vertical wobble — -Ergonomic issues inherent to folding knives — -Cutting obstructions or ergonomic issues from Thumb holes, Thumb Studs, Opening Discs, Emerson Wave cutouts, or flipper tabs.

Convinced yet…

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These are my opinions due to personal experience with knife steels, and in some cases, research in lieu of experience.

First off. Keep in mind that superior heat treat on a quote un-quote “lower grade” steel will produce results that may even exceed a poor heat treat on the best steels available. Just because a knife is in super de duper CPM S11193383314VNBGMZ5 does NOT mean the heat treat is any good, or the knife will hold an edge. Nor does this mean your knife is superior to anyone else’s! However, when discussing knives of a specific steel, the assumption…

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Can a machine be maintained forever?

Is this a trick question? Sort of. It’s a trick article! As you will see.

If you have all the parts, everything can be assembled and disassembled, and you have someone who knows how to do that, any machine can really be maintained forever. So why do people talk about how long a car, refrigerator, or other machine will “last”?

Only 5 things really prevent a machine from being maintained forever.

1 Money. If you don’t have enough money to fix things as they break, especially if it gets very expensive, it’s often cheaper…

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Why knives? Why am I always writing about knives? On a reliability website?

Because I love knives, and therefore loves knives.
I have a lifetime obsession with knives. They have fascinated me since I was a child.
I started learning about knives and sharpening one decisive summer day around 16, when my Gerber Ripstop 1 was so dull I suddenly realized it could no longer cut anything, nothing at all. I tested the edge, and it was shiny and slick, heel to tip. It occurred to me I had never sharpened the knife, didn’t know how to to sharpen it…

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I wrote this back in perhaps 2018 or 2019, and I still love this article.
I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it conveys the emotion I felt when I wrote it.

Waiting for that gal to arrive when time hurts both past and future. It’s agony to wait, I can’t focus, When I’ve been missing her for 2 weeks. She drives up and I can already feel her driving off. Time cuts in reminding me she’s gone before she even gets here. She doesn’t stay too long, and she arrives late. When you hate time my friend, when…

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Effective coffee makers.

Well, you know of all the products I’ve ever used, even simple stuff like knives that broke, I can’t remember a coffee maker that quit heating, pumping, and filtering.
I’ve had frustrating coffee makers that were a little annoying to operate, and years ago a date had a Keurig with so many buttons I had to get her help to operate it :) But… I really have no critically debilitating complaints. You could buy a coffee maker blind folded and make coffee till kingdom come.
I do however have preferences. Espresso makers…
Everyone seems to know stuff can get IN…

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More than any specific brand of wiper blades, a little knowledge will truly empower you to make better wiper blade decisions. (Since you have always aspired to this, cmon! let’s get started.) As I go along I will mention a brand here and there, and those are the premium brands I recommend you check out based on my experience, my customer’s experiences (from when I was a CSR) and my research. I haven’t made a complete list, because I want knowledge, and not brand names to be the basis of your take away here. If your favorite brand goes away…

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Every guy (and some gals!) needs a reliable set of wrenches. In fact, because the powers that be can’t get their head screwed on strait, we need 2 sets, a metric and a standard. Depending on what you’re doing, one more than the other. That said, what brings us to together is the need for good wrenches.

I’ve tried quite a few, being a person who has worked on most of my stuff here and there (primarily my car). This is my experience, and a few years experience, mixed with research is what I have to offer here.

Good wrenches…

Aaron Wells

Entrepreneur, advanced thinker. Determined to work for myself, single, and hard headed. Should you wish to contact me

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